What is the process for a 3D animation project?

The process: First, we gather all available information and references from you or from other sources. After that we work on detailed description of the project itself; that could be either described in form of detailed estimate or in case of animations, script/storyboard. With that, we can make list of all 3D models we need to build for that project. Once we have it all listed, we start producing those models. If we are working on animation, we will also start to work on animations using place-holder models until final models are finished. When models and/or animations are set, we setup final scenes. After all of it approved by you, we begin producing final rendered images/animations. Last step is editing of images or video (in case of video that incudes adding sound, text and other elements). Once done, you will receive the final product, ready to use in your business.

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