Unity Car configurator

This is small demo made for our own use, to demonstrate use of Unity3D in form of online interactive application used for configuration and customizing various products, and it’s all done in custom made, photo-realistic 3D environment.

Here is list of some examples of what can your customer do with this kind of application:
– have a full 3D view of product
– experience product in different environments
– customize product by his own preferences, by changing colors, materials or even different parts of product
– have better insight in all movable parts and components of product
– use 3D application as part of web shop or ordering system, to directly purchase product
– share his own designs and customizable features with other users
– and many more

All of this, is directly beneficial to promotion and sales of that particular product, because this way, users spends more time with your product and get better and richer experience then with standard means of presentation.


You can download our interactive 3d car configurator on this link:

Download Windows standalone version (44 MB)

Older version preview:


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