AR and interactive touch panel for “Stolen heritage” exhibition

We did an Augmented Reality and interactive touch panel for Ilok City Museum.

The aim of the exhibition is to educate, inform and warn of the loss of the cultural heritage of the community. Through a virtual exhibition, the Ilok City Museum shows some of the most valuable artworks stolen from a museum facility during the Croatian War of Independence and for which the search continues.

To make this exhibit come to life, we have produced mobile app that enables visitors to view stolen paintings using Augmented reality technology. Inside original frames of stolen paintings, we have placed special targets, so that when visitor points their mobile device to target application displays that specific painting.

We have also set-up our own in-house developed and produced touch screen interactive panel with custom built 3D interactive application, that enables guests who do not have mobile device at hand or do not want to install mobile app, to view all of displayed images on that panel.

Application can be downloaded here (Android version):
Download Android app

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