National Security Multi-Mission Vessel 3D animations

This project was assigned to DD3D Studio by Herbert Engineering Corp. The project objective was to provide a visual presentation of all features and capabilities of a new line of Maritime training ship, aptly named National Security Multi-Mission Vessel (NSMV).

DD3D Studio was the sole producer of this 6 min. 44 sec. video. The project included development and design of script and storyboard, a complete 3D modeling, animation, renders, video editing and production of narration. We worked closely with the ship design team in order to produce a informational video that highlights all features and benefits of this new ship.

<!––In the videos below, you can see the complete video with narration. It starts with a history and usage of existing ship, describes the need for new ships, and gives a complete overview of all features of the ship (first video). For your benefit, we have also included a shorter version video highlighting key features of this amazing ship.––>

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