From 3D visualization to construction – Scenic Eclipse is being build

Scenic eclipse

Scenic eclipse

It’s been more than three years since we started to work on the Scenic Eclipse project. Our first involvement was to provide assistance for design of 2D sketches, so naval architects and owners would get a better understanding of their initial ideas. Later, we produced a complete 3D animated video, showing all features of this amazing ship.

Now, Scenic Eclipse is under construction in the Uljanik Shipyard in Pula, Croatia.

This has not gone unnoticed. The Croatian businesses portal, has published an article with photos of Scenic Eclipse in dry dock in the shipyard.

It’s amazing to see something we have worked on for so long, having analyzed it from every angle in our 3D software, starting to come alive in her full size and glory… And what a masterpiece of construction it is! We are truly proud to be part of this amazing project, and we can’t wait for day when Scenic Eclipse will touch the waves and bring passengers to new and exotic destinations.

Please have a look at the 3D video animation we produced for Scenic Eclipse, highly praised from client to observers:

If you want to learn more about this wonderful ship, visit the Scenic Eclipse homepage: Scenic Eclipse Webpage

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