DD3D Studio is not a big company. We have a team of top class developers and a very lean management structure.
Still, we can achieve great things for our clients. We can convince the absolute top decision makers. This time, President Trump and his Administration!

A year ago, we were approach by Herbert Engineering Corporation. They had designed a multi-mission vessel for the Maritime Administration of the US. They wanted our help to make a seven minute video to help obtain funding in Congress. We crafted a strong story line together and got the team in motion.

Over the summer of 2017, our development team in Croatia worked intensively to produce the video. Vacation was restricted to a minimum as we worked with our business partners in the US to produce a convincing story of why this ship was a good idea.

These vessels have multiple functions. They serve as training ships for the five State Maritime Academies. Additionally these ships are expected to be available to respond to Natural Disasters. The new design is being referred to as the National Security Multi-Mission Vessel (NSMV).

Recently, Congress passed the budget, including funds for building these new ships. With this video, Herbert Engineering Corporation equipped the Maritime Administration with the right tool to get the project approved.

For a small team like DD3D Studio, this was a massive boost. Our justification lies in our ability to Explain & Convince. When we can convince politicians in the White House in Washington, we believe we have found a communication path that works and creates massive business results:

We needed a video that provided an overview of a complex maritime officer training and emergency response vessel we designed for our client in the US Government. DD3D was able to take the vessel’s complex requirements and prepare a high-quality video that highlighted the need for the vessels and demonstrated the features and advantages of the proposed design, including great interior space and exterior hull renderings. DD3D was creative and proactive in developing scenes appropriate to the script and always responsive to our and our client’s requests, comments and suggestions. The video was praised at the highest levels of our client and by the intended users of the vessel and well serves its purpose. We can say without reservation that DD3D provides a top-notch product.

Eugene van Rynbach, VP, Herbert Engineering

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